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Our ways....


WonderHUT is a hands-on, interdisciplinary program that fuels passion for science in young children. Our approach uses a variety of age appropriate learning modalities to reach different types  of learners and to give ownership to young scientists and artists. Our instructors are artists who teach science; they embody the values of STEAM and respect the individual nature of children. 




Our programs use the following learning modalities:


  • Learning through inquiry

  • Using science tools/investigating scientific artifacts

  • Dramatic play

  • Universal play themes such as miniature worlds, searching/gathering, and engineering forts and dens

  • Working with live creatures

  • Creating diagrams and models through drawing and sculpting 

  • Science through art

  • Practicing scientific method

  • WonderHUT-developed books and stories




Our Curriculum scaffolds rich science concepts and practice, using age-appropriate science language and method. Our programs embody differentiated learning and we cultivate science passion for varied learners. Our content is relevant to the life of children. We connect learning to the world around us, so students begin to understand the macrocosm through the study of the microcosm. 



We are STEAM






Each time WonderHUT visits it is as if  a miniature museum arrives at  your school with a myriad of science/art materials and successful, time- tested projects!



 we are...

Working together:


Our  instructors present and implement science/art concepts 

while teaming with 

classroom teachers. Instructors leave ideas for classroom teachers to extend the lesson.



Our instructors are makers in their own right. They bring their passion for teaching, science, performing and visual arts. They pay it forward by sharing the maker movement through hands on engineering and design. Our instructors cultivate free thought in the tradition of Reggio Emiglia and Loris Malaguzzi, allowing 

students to take ownership of their innovations.

Our Founder:




I am a sculptor who began teaching during the early 1980's. Museum education

was changing with the Exploratorium, a science museum in San Francisco, 

at the forefront.  They pioneered using artists and theatre people to teach science. I began

teaching at the Science Museum of Minnesota, in St. Paul, Minnesota, as I was finishing my BFA at an art school in Minneapolis.  Friends who worked with the St. Paul Museum sought me out because my art work was influenced by scientific elements.


I went on to work in NYC  as a museum educator at The Dairy in Central Park, The Brooklyn Museum of Art and at the Childrens Museum of Manhattan. Then I changed gears a bit, joining a school setting as a science educator at the 92nd St. Y  Nursery School, where I was "Professor Ology" for 21 years. Currently I am running my young business while teaching early childhood science at Avenues the World School.


I began with a blending of disciplines in the early 1980's. For a time my teaching style was Reggio, and now we are using  STEAM, or differentiated teaching, which combines disciplines in new ways. In the end my work is always about reaching children and making science and art relevant to them. My philosophy is to create a learning environment and to engage children through interest, play and challenges. I believe all children are scientists and artists, because all children are interested -- all children like to play and all children are excited by age appropriate challenges. I try to adhere to the 3 E's: Exploration, Exposure and Experience. They've never failed me and I've enjoyed every moment as the children and I learn together!




                                                                                                            Keep thinking!




                                                                                                            Kelli Crosby

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